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training 2/10-2/16

Jacob Cagliero



Mondays are my max effort lower body days. I woke up with my back being tight from last friday's workout and decided to take today as a rehab workout. I did 4 sets of 10 squats with the bar just to keep the movement feeling good, and getting my blood moving. I also did a few deadlift sets of 10 with a PVC pipe for the same purpose. After that I helped out my training crew with the rest of their workouts. Once everyone had their main movements done I went home and did about 45 minutes of stretching followed by a hot/cold treatment.

Wednesdays are my dynamic upper body workout days. I started my workout with speed bench, 50% of my 1rm for straight weight and 25% accommodating resistance. For me that's 135 with doubled red bands on each side (about 80lbs of band total). I did this for 9 sets of 3, changing my grip between competition grip, medium grip, and close grip every 3 sets. After speed bench, I moved onto doing feet up bench. I did a 4x8 with 175, this took away my arch and leg drive, and let me really focus on my elbow positioning during the descent and press. I then finished the workout with some triceps, upper back, shoulder, and abdominal accessories.

Fridays are my dynamic lower body days. I did belt squat box squats and did 4 sets of 8 with 300lbs. I normally would do 50-60% straight weight with 25-33% accommodating resistance, but this week I didn’t want to compress my spine, so I decided to keep all the weight on my hips. 32 reps with 300 is the same overall work volume that I’d have with a normal dynamic squat workout. After squats I moved on to some deadlift form work. I set up 3 doubled red bands at the bottom of a squat rack, and used the belt squat belt attached to the bands. Standing up I had around 200lbs of tension and at the bottom I had around 20lbs. This let me do some tempo eccentric deadlifts with a very explosive concentric movement. I did this for 3 sets of 10 with a tempo of (0.5-1-5), this was a really cool movement and I highly recommend it for reinforcing positioning. I then moved onto doing some banded hamstring curls, sissy squats, seated calf raises, and hanging leg raises.

Saturdays are my max effort upper body days. I did 2 board bench in my single-ply bench press shirt. I worked up to doing a 3x3 with 315. This was my second time ever in this shirt and the majority of the day was spent getting used to the feel of the shirt. After I finished up benching I moved onto tricep work with a low incline JM press with doubled red bands. I used an ez curl bar, moving my grip between holding a straight bar, and a slightly supinated grip. I did 5 sets of 5 with 95lbs + bands, after I finished the 5x5 I took the bands off and did an AMRAP with 95lbs, I got 20 reps. I then moved onto pullups on a rotating bar. I had a 6x6 and did the first 3 sets super strict, and the last 3 with a 20lb chain around my neck. After that I did some upper back, shoulder, and ab accessories.

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Andrew Wickham
Andrew Wickham
Feb 21, 2020

The People want Photos Jacob. Give the People what they want!

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