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Max effort Bench 2/22 and max effort Legs 2/23

Instagram: @dinopowerlifting sub 140 kg class

One of the hardest and yet most inevitable parts of training and competing is getting injured. Unfortunately, yesterday during max bench I sustained a (hopefully) minor injury to my upper left pec while warming up for the day. I was scheduled to work up to a max 3x3 on the 1 board. During my third set of warm ups, I felt a tight pull on my pec followed by some sharp pain. When you’re this close to a meet, the natural step after a minor injury is to try your best to work around it and maintain the strength of your lift. We backed the weight off and did a closed grip rep, putting the weight more in my triceps to see if I could do that. ideally, would have been able to max out on close grip to keep my CNS firing. Unfortunately, this was also too aggravating for my pec. So the next best thing was to do as much tricep, lateral and rear shoulder work as possible. I did a lot of sets at high reps to bring the blood in and help with the healing process. I don’t remember exactly what I did but at 1 point, I couldn’t lift my arms anymore so I figured that was a good time to stop my training for the day. Next week, my dynamic effort day will consist of nothing but high rep dumbbell and cable work to minimize the damage and try to heal for the comp.

Today, I had max legs, trying to get a few heavy box squats in and protect the pec as much as possible. To protect my pec, I used the squat safety bar. I successfully hit 565 on my first heavy attempt and it was pretty smooth and easy. Second attempt at 605 was easy as well. Third attempt for a 50 pound PR at 665 still felt pretty easy. I decided to make a fourth attempt at 705. I made my box 2 inches higher as I have never attempted any kind of squat over 655 and hit it as well. Powerlifting is weird. One day you can get hurt and the next day you smash a massive PR.

After squats, it was time for low rack pulls from below the knee. I worked up to a max 2 rep set with a stiff bar. Successfully hit 675 for my first attempt. Decided to go for 1 more at 705 and I barely hit it. It was something like a 14 RPE. Looking forward to putting everything together as best as possible for the comp next month.

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