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The Top Strength Coaches in San Luis Obispo County
Andrew Wickham
SLO Strong Founder

Be the Strongest Human You Can Be.

Strength isn't just physical, it's not just mental, it's an all encompassing characteristic of human behavior and what makes you who you are.  I believe that the stronger you are physically, the stronger you will be mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and as a human in general. I've spent my life pursuing different avenues of fitness: Football, Baseball, Triathlons, Spartan Races, Powerlifting, and Strongman.  I've been in shape and out of shape.  My experience through life going from fit to fat to fit again helps me help you achieve all your strength goals.

2017 California's Strongest Man

California State Deadlift Record - 881

Robby McLaughlin
Owner - Headstrong Fit

Robby is the owner and head coach of Headstrong Fitness in San Luis Obispo.  Certified as Personal Trainer, Powerlifting Coach, Crossfit Level 1, and Sports Nutrition Specialist Robby has years of experience and knowledge to share. He has had the honor of being the strongest student ever of San Luis high school, the strongest soldier in Iraq, Best Lifter of Central California 2 years in a row breaking California records.  "Competing in just about every strength sport I have learned many things and am so happy to share with others. There are many certifications but the many years is where my knowledge comes from."

Bradford Young
Owner - The Lab

My philosophy is simple. Strength Through Movement. Modern living has led us towards a life of fast food, desk jobs, perscription medications, and a severe lack of physical activity. At some point in our lives, we begin losing the ability to perform basic human movements typically as a result of injury, aging, or a sedentary lifestyle. I believe that strength and health go hand in hand. Whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, a strong individual is a healthy individual. I take pride in teaching proper human movement patterns so that our clients can implement them not only during training sessions but in real life scenarios as well.

Zach Wales
Strength Coach

Strength coach, competitive powerlifter, former collegiate track and field athlete. Received Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Master's Degree in Exercise Science from California State University, Chico. Certified as a level 1 coach in both USAW and USATF