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SLO Strong Training Logs & History of SLO Strong

SLO Strong started as a Powerlifting and Strongman Team dedicated to growing Strength Sports in our community on the Central Coast of California. Throughout the years we've grown in various stages.

Starting this week our athletes are starting their very own SLO Strong Training Logs. Each individual has different goals and different methods of achieving them, one size does not fit all at SLO Strong. We are also a group of very unique individuals with different personalities that we want to shine for the local community.

2015: SLO Strong is created and we host our first ever team workout at The Iron Jungle in Paso Robles

2016: We start hosting workouts at various supporting gyms throughout the county including The Iron Jungle of Paso Robles, Headstrong Fit, Atascadero Crossfit, The Lab Paso Robles, and Clarky's Bodyshop. We also compete in our first team Powerlifting meet at NASPower Gym in Bakersfield, CA and our first team Strongman competition at Santa Cruz Strength in Santa Cruz, CA.

2017: We host our first annual Central Coast Open Powerlifting Classic at Atascadero Crossfit. In July, we put on the first ever California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman in Paso Robles, CA in front of a 500+ person crowd.

Our team starts competing more and getting our name on the map. Andrew Wickham wins California's Strongest Man in Huntington Beach, CA and competes at Strongman Corporation Nationals in Las Vegas. Pete and Howard compete at IPL World's for Powerlifting in San Diego, CA. In December of 2017, we open the SLO Strong Barn, a private training facility, in Santa Margarita, CA.

2018: The second year of the Central Coast Open extends the meet to a 2 day event at Headstrong Fit with 80+ competitors. We have the Strongest Man Who Ever Lived, Bill Kazmaier as our celebrity guest at the California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman competition in Paso Robles. We send 3 Powerlifting athletes to the Olympia IPL Pro Powerlifting Invitational in Las Vegas and return with 2 gold medals.

2019: We send our first athlete (Andrew Wickham) to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio to compete in the XPC Deadlift Salute with a gold medal 848 lb pull. Additionally, I had the honor of coaching/handling Martins Licis in his 2nd place Arnold Strongman Classic performance.

August 2019: SLO Strong Gym Opens in San Luis Obispo, CA to provide athletes a 24/7 Training Facility with a competitive environment and elite equipment. In December, we host the 66th annual Iron Man Powerlifting Championships in Paso Robles with 10+ athletes getting state and national records.

2020: We have 5 athletes qualified for the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. The Arnold Classic is the largest fitness expo in the USA and only the elite of the elite qualify. It is an EXTREME honor to see how far our team and its members have came throughout the years.

And that brings us to today. 2020 will see SLO Strong putting on more events than ever and competing as a team even more. We recognize that we are leaders in Strength Athletics, not only on the Central Coast, but also across California, and there are folks out there that want to see what it takes to get to the highest level.

Right now you can follow many of our members as they prepare for the following events! Social Media handles included so you can follow along there as well.

California Drug-Tested State Powerlifting Championships - Ladell Erby @ladellerby

Arnold Classic 2020 - XPC Powerlifting Finals - Sophina Cuevas @cuevassophina and Jennifer Akridge

Arnold Classic 2020 - XPC Deadlift Salute - Danny Cox @smashcox

Arnold Classic 2020 - MAS Wrestling Championships - Svyatoslav Popovich @bigperoshki

Strength Fest 2020 Strongman - Pete Giannopoulos

Central Coast Open Powerlifting Classic 2020 - Jacob Cagliero @_jcag12_, Jake Domer @jakethedomeinator, Ben Bradley, Tommy Ferndino @dinopowerlifting, Dan Freeman @tallguylifts

These Training Logs will be written by the athletes themselves and published regularly on our website. Some will be every workout, some will be weekly summaries, and some may even be bi-weekly or monthly. Be sure to stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions along the way. We look forward to growing the Strength Sport community on the Central Coast for years to come as a SLO Strong.

We hope you can join our team members on their journeys and enjoy seeing what it takes to Be the Strongest Person You Can Be and Live a Powerful Life.

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