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Hey, today was supposed to be squats?!?!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020


Jen, Jennifer


single ply total =1063.7

Training for the XPC championships at the Arnold Sports Festival 2020

Obviously that’s not a squat. It was written in the program for squats today. But alas, you see me benching. I had my mind around squats today. I was mentally preparing myself to embrace raw squatting lol It sometimes doesn’t workout like that and there was a change in the program. No big deal. So let’s bench. “He added 15 more pounds than 2 weeks ago?!?!” Sophina, “that just means you’re getting stronger.” I love how I have such a level headed matter of fact training partner. Ok let’s do this!!! Of course one doesn’t go straight to the bench cold. You must do your warm up. 15-20 mins later.....ok let’s bench lol 175 for 2 sets of 2 with an AMRAP for the 3rd set. um, excuse me? When do I put on my shirt. Checks program, no shirt 😕 alright here we go!



175/3ish (touch method is my friend)

That‘s so crazy. 175 was my 1rm gym pr and it was ugly months ago. I’m actually pretty happy with this. And of course in true Andrew fashion I had to superset these with

back extensions- 25,35,45,50,70

5 sets of 8

pin press 3-4” off chest 5 sets 2 reps


and some barbell skull crushers

We are less than a month out and man my emotions are all over the place. I never imagined I would be competing at the Arnold!!! Let’s get some SLOSTRONG!!!!

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