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Welcome to SLO Strong Articles

Wow, to think about where we've came from... just a couple guys and gals lifting weights in a driveway and carrying stuff down a street, annoying the hell out of Robby's neighbors just a couple years ago.

What started as a vision has slowly but surely became a reality. We've grown from just a couple members enjoying lifting weights together to a full on crew of competitive lifters and like-minded athletes. Not only that, but we've became the premier Strength Event Promotion Team in the area.

This year will mark the second year of the Central Coast Open Powerlifting Classic as well as the California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman. Both of these events were major successes last year and this year they will be even better, but we aren't stopping there! This year we plan to double our efforts and begin hosting 2 powerlifting meets and 2 strongman competitions every year.

The goal of SLO Strong was never to be just a team or to just put on kick ass events, the goal was always to build a community of strength on the Central Coast and throughout SLO County. Building that community takes time, consistency, passion, and means constant evolution.

So now we bring you SLO Strong Articles! This will be a place for collaboration and information from the top strength and fitness coaches in the area on a regular basis. Here you will find articles about training, programming, competition preparation, nutrition, and some just plain ol' bullshit opinion pieces. We've got a lot more to come and a lot of great minds in the fitness industry on the Central Coast and we look forward to sharing it with you!

We also look forward to you sharing your experiences, thoughts, and opinions with the community so this program is not limited to the coaches already contributing. If you're interested in writing for SLO Strong Articles from time to time just let us know and we will work with you to have you published on our website!

We look forward to an awesome future for the strength community in SLO County and helping all achieve a better life through strength.

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