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California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman 2019

Strongman Corporation Level 2 Show

The California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman is back for 2019!!

Bigger Stage, Bigger Lights, Bigger Crowd! Prime Time on Saturday Night July 27th.

The Strongest Humans on the West Coast will be out to entertain a huge crowd with some Big Name guests on hand to announce and meet the fans.

Events this year include Max Deadlift off of tires, Keg Toss, Axle and Log Overhead Medley, The Stairway to Heaven (Power Stairs), and Atlas Stone Series.

This is a Level 2 Strongman Corporation sanctioned event meaning there will be 2 Nationals invites per weight class.

This event will be limited to only 6 competitors per major weight class meaning 6 LW Women, 6 MW Women, 6 HW Women, 6 LW Men, 6 MW Men, 6 HW Men so get your entries in early!
LW Women - 140 and Under
MW Women - 140-180
HW Women - 180+
LW Men - 175 and Under
MW Men 175-230
HW Men 231+

More details including announcement of more celebrity guests are still to come!

Entry is $100 prior to June 1st. $120 after June 1st.

Registration Form with links to entry form and weights etc. can be found here

We look forward to another awesome contest this time under the bright lights.

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